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Home Theatre

Enjoy an exciting cinematic experience every day with our premium Home Theatre solutions. No matter the size of your room or budget, we can custom design and engineer every component of your home theatre. From screen size and type, viewing angles and projectors and acoustic treatments to sound levels, speakers and bass management, we do it all.

We’ll consolidate your entire home theatre system into one central hub, so you won’t be fumbling around trying to find the right remote. We’ll also remove unsightly wiring to give you a sophisticated home theatre space that the whole family can enjoy.

Whether it’s part of the initial smart home design or it’s an add-on, we’ll create a solution that fits seamlessly into your home.



Whether you’re looking for a single room TV or a distributed system throughout your smart home, we have systems to cater to your needs and budget. You’ll have one central place for all your devices including cable, satellite and streaming boxes, Blu-ray players etc., with all of them simultaneously viewable on multiple screens throughout your smart home.

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